Acrylic Tube



Acrylic Tube – Clear Extruded Acrylic Tube

Extruded Acrylic Tube – Clear Plastic Piping -Clear Extruded Plexiglasss Acrylic Tube

They are 5mm up to 400mm Sold in any length.

Clear plexiglass extruded tube and cylinders sold by NAXILAI is high quality.

And we use 100% virgin material.and our molds are new .

Even extrusion lines are kept to a minimum – even on the largest diameter 400mm.

There are colored Extruded Acrylic Tubing in various sizes and colors available.

And there are special diameters of white plexiglass tubing for lighting applications

Most Improtant things:please call 0086 13556102951.

We can cut to length 1 or 10,000 pc. and you can special order longer lengths of extruded rod or tube.


Finally please note – Standard length of extruded plexiglass acrylic tube is 2000mm

We can cut down to any length that you need.

The features of acrylic clear tube :

  1. Elegant design
  2. High transparency, 98%, like crystal, plastic “queen”
  3. Good processing ability, and easy dyeing and processing
  4. Relatively low water absorption
  5. Resistant to most alkalis and weak acids
  6. High heat distortion temperature
  7. Very good electrical insulator
  8. Easily bonded and welded

The advantages of acrylic clear tube :

1 .Excellent Transparency
The light transmission of the clear acrylic can reach 93% .

2. Excellent Weather resistance
And High adaptability to natural environment, then for a long time in the sunlight.

3. Good Processing Performance
Another suitable for mechanical processing and heat forming

Production Process

This is our solid acrylic tube produce line,we asked workshop clean and tidy.

And to ensure that the product with high quality and error-free.

Our warehouse have adequate inventory,you can place the order at anytime.

And the delivery time will be as soon as you need.


Our solid clear acrylic tube are packed with pe film or kraft papers with both side.

Each pallet can load 2000kg sheet,in this way it is very safe.

When we load the cantainer,we will check the container,to make sure it is clean,dry and full seal.

Why Choose us

Company Introduce

Our company was set up in 2003 with more than 10years experience.

And it is high-teach private enterprise which integrates the R&D.

At the same time manufacturing and marketing of engineering plastics and super plastics.

Finally it now possesses more than 100 automatic production lines.

For main product:PMMA,POM,PA6,HDPE,UPE,ABS,PC and PP etc.

Technical data sheet of general engineering plastics

item test  method unit PMMA
color transparent
porportion 1183 g/cm3 1.2
heat endurance(continuous) 70
heat endurance(short-term) 90
melting point
glass transition temperature 100
coefficient of linear thermal expansion(23–100℃ average value) m/(m.k) 70×10-6
—(23-150°C average value) m/(m.k)
combustibility(UL94) 4589 HB
water absorption(in 23℃ water for 24hours) 62 %
negative(suck in 23℃ water) 62 % 0.3
bending tensile stress/tensile stress of broken 527 MPa 125
breaking tensile strain 527 %
tensilbe modulus of elasticity 527 MPa 3300
negative 1%/2%compressive stress of nomal strain 604 MPa
pendulum impact test 179/1eU kj/m2
friction coefficient 0.55
luo’s hardness 2039-1 90
resistance strength 60243 kv/mm >40
volume resistance (60093) Ω×cm ≥1015
surface resistance (60093) Ω ≥1015
relative permittivity-100Hz/1MHz (60250) 3.4/-
arc path index(CTI) (60112)
bonding property +
food contact +
acid resistance +
alkali resistance +
carbonated water resistance property +
aromatic compounds of aromatic compounds
resistance to ketones
item test unit PMMA

remarks:+ and 0 mean depending on situation.- is not.



A: There is no project we won’t consider. No order is too large or too small, we
will quote you a competitive price.

A: Yes we provide free samples for quality testing but you need to pay the
delivery cost. When you place the order all your spending of the samples will
be refunded.

A: Normally 4days.

A: Normally 10days.

Q5. Will u accept PAYPAL payment?
A: Yes. We accept PAYPAL.

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All Qurstions

Q.:What are your products?

A.:PMMA, POMC , PA6 , PET (ertalyte) , PP , PE ,PHENOLIC Cotton and Paper , PVC , PTFE , EPOXI GLASS FR4 format of sheets,rods,tubes.

Q.:How to get the quotation of plastic sheet/plate/board?

A.:Contact our sales staff and offer us plastic name,color, length,width,thickness and the usage and the quantity,then we will reply to u with prices.

Q.:How to get the quotation of plastic tube?

A.:Contact our sales staff and offer us plastic name,color, outer diameter, wall thickness,length and the usage and the quantity,then we will reply to u with prices.

Q.:How to get the quotation of plastic rod?

A.:Contact our sales staff and offer us plastic name,color, length,diameter and the usage and the quantity,then we will reply to u with prices.

Q.:Is free sample available?

A.:Most of our sample is free.But the freight will be on customer’s account.

Q.: Available Payment method?

A.:Paypal,Western Union,Wechat,T/T,L/C etc..

Q.:Payment terms?

A.:Normally 30% of payment is as down payment,70% of payment will be paid before shipment.

Q.: Sample delivery time?

A.: Usually 3—5days.

Q.: Large product quantity delivery time?

A.: Usually 15—20days.