Cylindrical acrylic tube used in MOD transformation


cylindrical acrylic tube used in MOD transformation

MOD transformation fans developed the new MOD with acrylic cylinder tube to build water cooling system.Split water cooling is indispensable. It is the soul of the whole MOD and the lifeblood of the whole MOD. Acrylic pc water cooling tube catches much eye balls.The water pipes made of acrylic tubing are more neat and more fashion to reach perfect visual experience, and the smooth angle made of small acrylic tube can better interpret this pretty. Although production will cost more time, this kind of work is often really attractive.
Now we will show you how to do acrylic tube bending.Please make following acrylic pipe tube and rod and heater ready.
(1)10mm or 12mm inner diameter acrylic clear tube.
(2)10mm or 12mm silicone rod for mould using.

(3)A air dyer for extrusion tubes acrylic heating.
Step 1,insert silicone rod into tube acrylic.
Step 2,acrylic bend tube while heating the acrylic tube clear.
Hope that you can DIY the most fancy MOD with acrylic clear tube.Here are pictures for you to see how acrylic tube bending look in MOD.

flexible acrylic tubefluorescent acrylic tube