naxilai pctfe rod
naxilai pctfe rod
pctfe rod
Pctfe Teflon Rod
Pctfe Teflon Rod
naxilai pctfe rod
pctfe rod
Pctfe Teflon Rod
Pctfe Teflon Rod

Naxilai Pctfe Rod

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100 pieces
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10000 pieces / Week
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15 Days

Polytrifluorochloroethylene (PCTFE)is the earliest thermoplastic fluoroplastics.

  1. melting temperature:213℃.It can be used for a long time at - 196-125 ℃
  2. Molecular quantity:100000--200000
  3. Density:2.13g/cm3

The Fluorine atoms in the molecular structure make it have these advantage:
  1. temperature resistance,
  2. non hygroscopicity
  3. air tightness.
The chlorine atom in molecular structure leads to features:
  1. Good processing fluidity,
  2.  transparency
  3. hardness characteristics.
  1. Cl in chemical structure make it the hardness, rigidity and creep resistance are good.Its mechanical strength and hardness are superior to PTFE.

PCTFE chemical structure

PCTFE is inert to most active chemicals at room temperature

The basic properties of PCTFE depend not only on its molecular structure, but also on its molecular quantity and crystallization.

1. Mechanical properties
At room temperature,PCTFE mechanical properties are better than PTFE. PCTFE has large compressive strength, small cold flow, large compression resilience and good elastic resilience. However, because PCTFE is a crystalline polymer, its mechanical properties are greatly affected by temperature, and there are also some differences due to the crystallinity and molecular quantity. Sudden cooling during molding can form transparent products with low crystallinity; slow cooling can form translucent products with high crystallinity. In general, the tensile strength and hardness will increase with more crystallization, but the elongation will decrease

2. Thermal performance
PCTFE thermal melting temperature is 211-216 ℃, and the glass state temperature is 71-99 ° C. At 250 ° C, PCTFE can still maintain good thermal stability. But crystallization starts at 130 ° C, and at 160-200 ° C the crystallization speed is the fastest.While crystallization increase, the brittleness gradually increases. Therefore, its long-time working temperature should be kept below 130 ° C; If the use temperature exceeds 200 ° C, it will gradually decompose and be damaged.

3. Low temperature resistance
No embrittlement and creep happen in liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and liquefied natural gas, and it can be used at - 273 ° C under certain conditions.

4. Corrosion resistance
High fluorine content makes PCTFE resistant to almost all chemicals and oxidants. It can be immersed in acid, alkali or oxidant for a long time without any change. It can only be corroded by molten alkali metal, fluorine element and chlorine trifluoride at high temperature, and will swell when contacting benzene and its homologues and polyhalides at high temperature.

Among all plastics, PCTFE has the lowest water vapor permeability and is impervious to any gas. It is a good barrier polymer.

6. Electrical performance
In terms of electrical properties, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor of PCTFE are relatively small in a wide frequency range. The electrical properties such as insulation resistance and dielectric breakdown voltage are excellent, and are almost not affected by temperature or humidity. PCTFE is a high-frequency insulation material that can withstand harsh conditions much more than traditional materials.

7. Optical performance
PCTFE has excellent optical performance. The 3mm thick PCTFE plastic sheet is optically transparent μ M-thick film can penetrate 1-4 μ M muscle infrared light 95%, its ultraviolet light absorption rate is also very low.

8. Weather resistance
PCTFE also has good weather resistance, and its performance will not be affected if it is exposed to outdoor sunlight for one year.


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