teflon tube character

Ptfe tube is a kind of special pipe made of plastic polytetrafluoroethylene.Teflon tube can be extruded and moulded to polytetrafluoroethylene tube.
Because ptfe pipe has following advantages:
High chemical stability:Teflon pipe can withstand chemicals like strong acids, concentrated hydrochloric acid,aqua regia, oleum, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, organic acid, strong oxidant, reductant and various organic solvents.Ptfe teflon tube is very good ideal plastic tubes for conveying high-purity chemicals.
Low friction coefficient: Teflon tube 6mm only 0.04 friction coefficient which is a very excellent self-lubricating plastic, and temperature doesn’t affect ptfe sleeving friction coefficient.
Excellent non-stick, the inside of thin wall ptfe tubing is not easy to adhere to other materials.
Not easy aging and anti UV,Ptfe lined tubing can be used outdoors for a long time.
Then ptfe extruded tubing is widely used in electronic appliances,chemical industry,machines building,aerospace,automobile,electrothermal, military,communications and other important scientific and technological industries, such as micro transformers etc.Teflon hose pipe can be used in cable.
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