Features and application of heat shrink sleeve tube

Silicone Hose Pipe
Features of heat shrink tubing and sleeves:
Different shrink pipe sleeve have different characteristics. Thin-walled heat shrinkable wraparound sleeve is obviously thinner and softer, and has good halogen-free environmental protection performance. Double wall heat shrink tubing has two layers, including the rubber tube layer and glue layer. The glue heat shrink tubing can better fit the tube and the product to be protected after heating and melting, and the waterproof effect is superior. Due to the thicker wall thickness of the medium-thick wall heat shrink sleeve tube, its corrosion resistance, voltage resistance and weather resistance are superior. In general, shrinkable sleeving have excellent flame retardancy, insulation performance, flexibility, low shrinkage temperature, environmental protection and other characteristics.
Application of heat shrink tubing wrap sleeves:
Various heat shrink protective sleeve are widely used in all industries ranging from the protection of small electronic products to the spare parts in aircraft, rockets, ships and high-speed rail etc..The rubber shrink sleeves are mainly used for wire connection, wire end treatment, solder joint protection, cable identification, insulation protection of resistance and capacitance, corrosion protection of metal rods or pipes, branch connection of high and low voltage wires and cables, etc. Under the action of high-energy rays, linear polymer materials form three-dimensional network cross-linking structure. The cross-linked polymer materials have been greatly improved in mechanical strength, temperature resistance, chemical solvent resistance, aging resistance, etc., especially in acid and alkaline resistance, which mainly play a role in product protection and improve service life. It is also widely used in data transmission cables.