What will affect the shrink time for fep shrink tubing?

First,It is heating tools, water boiling and hot air gun obviously use the hot air gun to shorten the heat shrinking time of fep heat shrink wrap sleeves, so selecting the appropriate sleeving heat shrink heating tool is one of the important reasons that affect the heat shrinking time of fep heat shrink tubing and sleeves. Fep shrink pipe sleeve heating tools include lighter, flame gun, oven, water boiling, hot air gun, etc;

Secondly, it depends on the size of fep transparent shrink sleeve. The size of fep waterproof heat shrink sleeving includes the wall thickness of fep heat shrink sleeve roll, the size of fep shrinkable sleeving, and the length of fep heat shrink tubing wrap sleeves. Obviously, the smaller fep heat shrink protective sleeve, the faster it shrinks;

Then the important factor affecting the heat shrinking time of clear heat shrink sleeve is the material ,Compared with fep pipe heat shrink wrap and teflon heat shrink sleeves, PVC and PE heat shrinkable tubes have shorter heat shrinkable time under the same shrinkage condition.
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