Fep heat shrink tubing application in server room

heat shrink sleeving and tubing
One of the important design of storage and processing technology data center is cooling. With more machines and more heat, it is necessary for more complex cooling systems.Fortunately, in recent years, several methods to reduce temperature control have been designed. Air can be used as a cooling source for saving the electric power.

Another option is to use server racks. This makes it easy to access and adapt in data center design. With the change of technical requirements, IT staff can easily rearrange and add equipment without interrupting the power supply and cabling of other equipment. With the growth of business, more employees need to access the network, and can add new computers and servers, and migrate existing computers and servers to adapt to changes. Elevated floors make it easier to distribute data cables, voice, and power.Data cables and wires generate the heat and become a problem. To prevent this problem, make sure that the wires are properly insulated and stored. FEP wire shrink sleeve can ensure your safety to the greatest extent. Fep hose not only reduces the heat emission of the working wire, but also protects the internal metal better .

FEP heat sleeve for electrical cable characteristics:
1,Fep electrical shrink sleeve has high temperature resistance up to 200 ℃.
2,Fepcable shrink sleeve has good insulation. Low dielectric at high and low temperatures.
3, Fep thin wall tube is high transparency.
4,Excellent corrosion resistance. It doesn't react with almost any chemicals.
5, Good flame retardancy. It will not burn even under high concentration of oxygen.
6,Good anti-aging effect. Long service life, not easy to disassemble.