Fep vs PTFE

Fep heat shrink tube is Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) pipe, also called F46 pipe, transparent fep tubing heatshrink. Fep soft tubing is a kind of soluble fluoroplastic pipe. Ptfe fep tube has most of the characteristics of fluoroplastic tube, and fep shrink tube is more easily formable . Fep heat shrinkable tube can produce longer length without connect dot . Flexible-fep-tube has high transparency, the internal fluid transmission can be viewed clearly.
Fep lined pipe melting point 267℃.
Fep cable can be applied as soft plastics, and fep coil tube's tensile strength, abrasion resistance are lower than many engineering plastics.
Ptfe heat shrink is Polytetrafluoroethylene (F4, PTFE) pipe.Ptfe heat shrink tubing has many excellent performances:
Teflon heat shrink’s high temperature resistance :long time use temperature of 200~260℃ .
Ptfe shrink tubing is still soft even at - 100 ℃.
Teflon heat shrink tubing Corrosion resistance :resistant to aqua regia and all organic solvents.
Teflon shrink tubing Weather resistance - excellent anti-aging ability.
Teflon shrink tubing has high lubrication -flexible teflon tubing’s is 0.04 friction coefficient.
Teflon sleeving is non adhesion -there is no substance to adhere to ptfe teflon hose.
ptfe convoluted tubing is non toxic .
Ptfe pneumatic tubing has excellent electrical performance.
Rigid teflon tubing is an ideal insulating plastic.

Difference between fep thin wall tube&clear ptfe tubing
fep coil tube:

1,Shrink wrap tubing fep using temperature up to 200℃.
2,fep heat shrinkable tube is more transparent and has a clearer view on liquid conveyed in fep lined tube.
3,Fep soft tubing has lower friction coefficient.
4,Fep teflon tubing 1/4 can be produced to 500 meters at continuous length, even longer.
5,Fep shrink tubing is weldable at the joint because fep teflon tubing is soluble.
rigid ptfe tubing
1,4mm ptfe tubing working temperature can be 260℃.
2,6mm teflon tubing is easy to be processed,it can flange.
3,6mm ptfe tubing is anti-aging and anti-UV,and they can be exposed to sun for a long time without aging.

fep tube application and teflon tube 4mm application
fep heat shrink
1,Liquid crystal manufacturing device; Tube for whole body single end luminous single core optical fiber; Heat exchanger and steam piping etc..
2,High purity reagent convey zeus fep tubing; fep chemical hose for Transporting various corrosive stuff (harsh solvent);
3,Fep soft tubing for various frequency circuit cable and slot insulation tubes.

4,Air conditioning cable are wrapped by fep heat shrinkable tubeassembly.All wrapped fluoroplastic O-ring pipe.
ptfe tub
The unique properties of ptfe standard tubing make it widely used in  petroleum, textile, chemical industry,food, paper making, medicine, electronics, machinery and other industries and marine operations.
fep lined tubing                                                              ptfe pipe
fep tube   teflon pipe price