acrylic tube pipe
acrylic tube pipe
acrylic tube transparent
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clear extruded acrylic tube
acrylic tube pipe
acrylic tube transparent
acrylic tubes for sale
clear acrylic tubes clear plastic tubes
clear extruded acrylic tube

Naxilai Transparent Clear Acrylic Pipe

Model NO.
Minimum order quantity:
200 pieces
Supply Ability:
10000 pieces / Week
Country of Origin:
Stock Time:
10 Days

Transparent Clear Acrylic Pipe

Production Features:

acrylic pvc pipe is consist of polymethylmethacrylate ( PMMA), with strong weather resistance, strong hardness and high temperature resistance. Heat endurance is from 70 to 90 degree C wear resistance, with stability and corrosion resistance ,crystal transparency, above 92% light transmittance soft light.

Machining ways:

Punching,cuting,thermoforming,drilling,polishing ,chamfer,screw thread and any other fabrication.

Different applications:

acrylic container,acrylic tank,acrylic signs,acrylic storage,LED lighting,acrylic aquarium,acrylic tube fountain,acrylic fish tank,acrylic lamp,acrylic standee,colored acrylic drum set,acrylic flower stand,acrylic hyperbaric oxygen chamber,products displaying,water pipe,acrylic wedding centerpiece,acrylic fish aquarium tank,acrylic stand,acrylic plinth,acrylic display,acrylic vase,acrylic display case,acrylic display stand,acrylic light ,acrylic cake stand,acrylic riser,countertop display acrylic,acrylic scrunchie holder,pet cage,candy dispensers,children toys,scientific equiment,structurall support ,acrylic tube home depot,algae cultivation tubing, seaweed farming tube etc..

clear acrylic tube

acrylic clear transparent tube

acrylic tube


We adapt reinforced wooden box with pallet. which can provide all-round protection for your products during transportation.This shipping method can make sure all Acrylic products safety and revent pressure loss and deformation.

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plexiglass tube packing

About US

Naxilai has been in acrylic business for more than 15years.The acrylic tubes are made of 100% virgin Mitsubishi pmma which is non-yellow and long service life. We have complete modern equipments like laser cutting machine, engraving machine, cutting machine, circular grinding machine, lathe,extrusion lines, ovens, polishing machines, water tank etc. Therefore, we can build many complicated acrylic products like flange, cone, filter, reaction tank, acrylic hyperbaric oxygen chamber, algaecultivationtubing,acrylic aquarium etc.We also can provide OEM service. If you need to make acrylic fabrication, please contact with us.

frosted acrylic tube company


Our Manufacturing processmainly includes laser cutting, cutting, cloth wheel polishing, diamond polishing, screw drilling, silk screen printing, cleanimg and fabricating.

clear acrylic pipe factory

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