How to pick the 100% virgin material clear cast acrylic tube?

1 acrylic tube

1,Good clear acrylic cylinder tube wall thickness is sufficient with small tolerence.When you purchase, you must ask about the clear perspex pipe wall thickness which is one of important factors.
2,The surface hardness and anti-scratch of the pure new acrylic clear perspex pipe are excellent.
3, There is no bad smell from virgin material clear rigid acrylic tube when lazer-cutting.The surface of the recycled material clear round acrylic tube is easy to scratch, and the smell is bad when cutting.
4,Burning identification: good acrylic clear tube pipe is flame retardant and will not produce unpleasant smell and light white fog smoke rise during burnning. But recycled material acrylic round pipe is not flame retardant and bad smell and black fog produced during burning.
5,It is not easy to produce bubbles and deformation when using good acrylic plastic pipe during the hot forming.
6,Pure new acrylic tube pipe has stable adaptability to paint and ink.
7,Light transmittance: When a good acrylic pipe clear is illuminated with white light,the light emitted is pure, not yellow or blue, and the light transmittance of thin acrylic tube is higher.