Characteristics and application of glue lined heat shrink tubing

Characteristics and application of glue lined heat shrink tubing:
Heat shrink tube with glue adopts double-layer structure, the outer layer is extruded from high-quality polyolefin synthetic material, and the inner layer is coated with hot melt adhesive. After batching and extrusion molding, the product is irradiated and cross-linked by electron accelerator to change its molecular structure into a semi-finished product with shape memory function, and then expanded continuously.
Compared with the thin-walled sleeve shrink wrap, the double-wall heat shrink with glue has the advantages of softness, low-temperature shrinkage, insulation, corrosion prevention, wear resistance, etc., and its waterproof and sealing performance and adhesion are more superior. With the continuous improvement of technology, the double-wall flexible heat shrink sleeve with rubber has multiple shrinkage ratios of 3:1, 4:1 and so on. The color is no longer just a single black. Transparent, white, blue, red, yellow and green have become the conventional stock colors, and can be customized according to customer requirements. In terms of shrinkage ratio and color selection, it can meet the use conditions of different needs of all walks of life to a greater extent. It is also convenient for the selection of shrinkage tools. Simple ovens, hot-air guns, etc. can easily shrink the heat-shrinkable tube to the best use effect.
Due to the various advantages of assorted heat shrink glue tube, they are widely used in the wiring waterproof and anti-leakage of electronic equipment, the sealing waterproof of multi-strand wire harnesses (such as home wire harnesses, car wire harnesses, etc.), the sealing waterproof of wire and cable branches, the anti-corrosion protection of metal pipelines, and the repair of wires and cables.