Naxilai signed contract with Austrialian compnay Kaxxxdi


In the beginning of the new year 2023,An Australian company named Kaxxxdi signed a contract with Naxilai for acrylic tube and acrylic sheet purchasing.Kaxxxdi company offers the services to help aquaculture industry development like project management,aquaculture development ,poly welding,water transfer systems,engineering and fabrication and commercial diving etc.They need acrylic tube diameter 400 mm with acrylic dome on top and 1" acrylic round tube, and cut to size acrylic sheet at 3mm and 8mm thick. The clear acrylic pipe will be filled with seawater to grow Algae.

Many customers from different countries bought our clear perspex tubing to grow algae.We can build acrylic dome with flange and build acrylic cone and perspex dome etc.many fabrication.