Naxilai signed a cooperation agreement with AxxxxxxxxxxCIA. LTDA. Ecuador

On Jan.04,2023,Naxilai signed a cooperation agreement with AxxxxxxxxxxCIA. LTDA. Ecuador.AxxxxxxxxxxCIA. LTDA operates in the Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services sector.Naxilai supply them the acrylic square rod.The size of acrylic square bar is 75*75*500mm. This size clear acrylic square rod is cnc machined from round acrylic rod 80mm diameter.Naxilai has large range sizes of acrylic square bar stock.
Plexiglass square rods have mooth surface, fantastic color and high transparent, and perspex square rod is relatively resistant to corrosion, moisture and sun. Acrylic rectangular rod has good insulation effect, is easy to form, and has a wide range of uses.
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