Fabrication of acrylic rods and tube

cone acrylic
Custom acrylic tube is mainly affected by two factors: one is the glue; The second is workers’ bonding skills.
There are many glues in the market. There are mainly two kinds.One is two-component, such as universal glue and epoxy resin etc; The other is single component, such as CHCl3 (chloroform). Generally,two-component adhesives are bonded by solid reaction while single-component adhesives are bonded by the final volatilization of a solvent.

The bonding skills are also very important. Here are some normal large diameter clear pipe bonding processes:

1,connect: place two acrylic hollow tube horizontally on table, close them, and fix them at a gap 0.3mm wide for to shoot glue.When the glue dry,acrylic clear transparent tubes is connected.
2,Fabricating other shape acrylic product like acrylic cone will have mould to work with.