differences between solid acrylic tube and pvc pipe


The differences between solid acrylic tube and pvc pipe

1. Environmental protection:Flexible pvc pipe is less environmentally friendly than acrylic perspex pipe.
2. Price: Acrylic tube price is higher than pvc pipe.
3. Appearance: Acrylic plexiglass pipe is more crystal than transparent pvc pipe.
4. Differnt knocking sound:The knocking sound of clear pvc tubing is relatively low, while acrylic plexi tube is relatively clear.
5.Different materials:Acrylic plexiglass cylinder tube is made of organic glass and PVC is made of plastic.
6.Different application:Extruded acrylic tube can be used to make led lamp housing, Especially the opal acrylic tube,frosted acrylic round tube,frosted acrylic square tube and white acrylic tube are very marketable for lighting business. Large diameter acrylic tube can be used to build fish tank.PVC cylinder can be used to be package box.
7.Moq:Cast acrylic tube can accept low Moq,but Pvc tube can’t.
8.Size:There are many choice for acrylic pipe sizes.Large acrylic tube can be up to 1500mm diameter while PVC tube can’t be so big.
9.Color:Acrylic tube color is more than PVC tube.