zeus fep tubing and convoluted pfa tub

Corrugated Fep Tubing
FEP clear corrugated pipe and corrugated pfa tubing are made by special processing method, which has changed that the pipes cannot be bent in the past. They can be used for pipe dislocation connection or to balance the pipe displacement, size change caused by climate or other reasons, or to eliminate the vibration of high-frequency machinery.  

FEP clear corrugated hose non stick coating melts and flows to form a non porous film when baking. Fep corrugated tube has chemical stability, excellent non stick characteristics, and the working temperature is 200 ℃. Like transparent corrugated tube, PFA bellows melts and flows to form a non porous film during baking. The advantages ofconvoluted pfa tube are that it has a higher continuous working temperature of 260 ℃ and a stronger rigidity, and is particularly suitable for use in the field of anti sticking and chemical resistance under high temperature conditions.

PFA corrugated pipe is a copolymer of a small amount of perfluoropropyl perfluoroethylene ether and polytetrafluoroethylene. The melt cohesiveness is enhanced, the viscosity of the solution is reduced, and the performance is unchanged compared with that of PTFE. The resin can be directly processed into products by common thermoplastic molding methods. It is suitable for making corrosion-resistant parts, anti-wear parts, seals, insulating parts and medical device parts, high-temperature wires, cable insulation layers, anti-corrosion equipment, sealing materials, pump valve bushings, and chemical containers. 
Corrugated pfa tubing is almost same as zeus fep heat shrink,but pfa tube has higher working temperature.And pfa tubing price are higher than fep lined pipe