Naxilai has been in acrylic business for more than 15 years. We offer quality acrylic products and acrylic fabrication services to worldwide customers. Our customers are the companies and individuals with a need for acrylic sheet and fabrication, or require custom manufactured items, or components to complete their product assembly.

We are one of acrylic industry leaders in China. Our core competency is the ability to innovateand solve customer problems using acrylic - hence our mission statement  offer high quality acrylic displaying. We are a manufacturer engaged in acrylic tube, acrylic rod, cut to size acrylic sheet, acrylic box, acrylic fabrication, PC tube, PC rod, acrylic flower box, acrylic shoe box, acrylic plinth, acrylic backdrop, acrylic make up organizer and all kinds of acrylic box etc. Our acrylic material is 100% virgin and non yellowish and crystal clear, perfectly displaying. Welcome you to visit our company.


heat shrink sleeving and tubing
2022 11.28

Fep heat shrink tubing application in server room

One of the important design of storage and processing technology data center is cooling. With more machines and more heat, it is necessary for more complex cooling systems.Fortunat

2022 11.24

What will affect the shrink time for fep shrink tubing?

First,It is heating tools, water boiling and hot air gun obviously use the hot air gun to shorten the heat shrinking time of fep heat shrink wrap sleeves, so selecting the appropri

Corrugated Fep Tubing
2022 11.11

zeus fep tubing and convoluted pfa tub

FEP clear corrugated pipe and corrugated pfa tubing are made by special processing method, which has changed that the pipes cannot be bent in the past. They can be used for pipe di

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